CanoScan CS9000F

CanoScan CS9000F

CanoScan CS9000F

CanoScan CS9000F – What is the Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II? The first Canon CanoScan 9000F was a semi-calling flatbed scanner with a flexible straightforwardness connector, which could deal with slides, negatives and medium organization film. The Mark II variant shows up physically fundamentally the same as, with just the Mark II assignment on the identification giving the amusement away.

CanoScan CS9000F Mark II – Design and Features

This is a profound and uncommonly tall flatbed, which is pivoted at the back and has a spring-adjusted cover, so you can open it to different points without gambling it hammering down. Eight catches are set into the highest point of the top and these are the main physical controls on the machine.


CanoScan CS9000F Mark II – Controls

Aside from the power catch, which is currently connected to an auto-off capacity, they’re altogether outfitted to genuinely robotized checks. The AutoScan work endeavors to set all parameters for itself, in view of the sort of media under the top. For most purposes, it does this truly well. It might should be told if a content report is for 200dpi chronicled or 300dpi OCR, however for everyday utilize, it’s useful apparatus.

There are four authority PDF catches, for creating shading and mono PDFs, for utilizing custom settings and for completing a multi-page filter. At long last, there are catches for delivering an immediate duplicate and for making an email connection.

CanoScan CS9000F Mark II – Connections and Software

At the back of the scanner is a basic mains attachment, no outer power supply here, and a solitary USB attachment, the main information association gave.

CanoScan CS9000F Mark II – Back

There’s a significant distinction between the product arrangement on the first CanonScan 9000F and on the Mark II. The first had duplicates of both ArcSoft’s PhotoStudio 6 and Adobe PhotoShop Elements 8. Both are astounding photograph editors and can take you a significant path into the semi-genius circle before they come up short on clout.

Presently you get Canon’s My ImageGarden which, aside from its senseless name, is a pale impersonation of both of these. The reflected L of its alternate way menu may keep it off the beaten path on the work area, however controls and impacts are fundamental and to a great extent computerized and it’s principally for passage level, home scanners, most likely? It gets a handle on of place here.

The two forms of the scanner offer ScanGear, which is a broadened scanner driver, giving a decent scope of pre-filter picture changes. It’s not the same however, as having quality packaged picture altering programming. A few clients will have their own favored applications, obviously, and they most likely wouldn’t fret the missing editors, yet it needs to decrease the general estimation of the scanner bundle. That is the short review about CanoScan CS9000F .

CanoScan CS9000F CanoScan CS9000F Printer Wireless Connection Setup

Before endeavoring to associate your Canon printer to your remote system/wireless network, please consider that you meet these two conditions:

  1. Make sure that your device has an access point (it can be referred to as a hub or router ) that enable you to have Internet connection. The access point should work well before proceeding the next step.
  2. Make sure that the device you want to associate works well, the device can be a PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone, and is successfully connected to the Internet. To confirm the connection works well, you can browse a website from the computer, for example If the webpage does not show, that means the connection is not successfully set up and try to fix the connection before proceeding.


If you dont have basic knowledge about IT and not sure the way to set up access point and Internet connection, please use the instruction manual as the reference for the access point or you may contact the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

KEYWORDCanoScan CS9000F USB Connection

Here are some steps that you can follow if you wish to use your printer Via USB Connection:

  1. Download driver below based on your OS
  2. Connect your printer via USB cable
  3. Choose items from the Start menu as shown below
  4. If your computer operates on Windows 7, select the Start menu -> Devices and Printers.
  5. If your computer operates on Windows Vista, select the Start menu -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Printers.
  6. If your computer operates on Windows XP, select the start menu -> Control Panel -> Printers and Other Hardware -> Printers and Faxes.
  7. Right-click your model name icon, and then select Printing preferences from the displayed menu

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CanoScan CS9000F CanoScan CS9000F